Standing up for the values of Borderland

Josh Guenter is one of four candidates running for the Progressive Conservative nomination for Borderland constituency on April 11.

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Josh Guenter says he believes Borderland constituency needs a leader with conservative values at heart – someone who will go to bat for families and hard working people of the area.
This is what motivated him to put his name on the ballot to become the next Progressive Conservative candidate after the PC association votes on April 11.
Guenter was born in Altona and raised on a small farm a few miles west of town. After studying economics, public administration and history at the University of Ottawa and University of Manitoba, he and his wife chose to settle and raise their family in Altona.
He says he’s always felt an obligation and a duty to give back to the community and the country that has given him so much.
“After being asked by a number of people to consider running, my wife and I felt that this was an opportunity to put ourselves forward.”
Guenter believes someone must stand up for the freedom of individuals and families to make their own choices in their own best interest, free from excessive government interference in their daily lives, and free from high taxes and regulations.
“We live in a young, dynamic and fast-growing part of the province, and it’s important that we elect someone who will work to ensure there is more money left on the kitchen table of hardworking families. As a young father and lifelong conservative, that’s a platform I’m committed to running on.”
Guenter’s first experience in politics was during the 2008 federal election, and since then has participated in several campaigns on the provincial and federal level, most recently as the campaign manager for the Portage-Lisgar Conservative campaign in the 2015 election.
He also spent two years in Ottawa working on Parliament Hill, and has served as a constituency assistant to both MP Candice Bergen and MLA Cameron Friesen.
He also served on the board of the Portage-Lisgar Conservative riding association.
He says he plans to work together with the PC team in Winnipeg to deliver results for the residents of this riding. “That means building and improving roads and infrastructure, creating a stronger education system with greater parental choice and involvement, a more responsive healthcare system and above all, lowering the tax and regulatory burden on families, farmers and business owners.”
Since he chose to run for the PC nomination, Guenter says he’s been blessed to have a strong campaign team backed by enthusiastic volunteers.
“We’ve been actively selling memberships and connecting with voters door to door and over the phone.”
Some of the biggest concerns he’s heard from the people he’s met has to do with the affordability with the rising cost of living, and the imposition of the federal carbon tax.
“Crumbling infrastructure, illegal migration and tariffs and the so-called trade wars are also on top of the minds for many folks I speak with.”