Rosenfeld history book set to launch

A home in Rosenfeld in 1909 - one of many nostalgic photos you'll find in the Rosenfeld history book. The book is hot off the presses and will be celebrating its official launch on Sunday, Nov. 18, at 2 p.m. at the Rosenfeld Good Neighbour Centre.

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The Rosenfeld History Book committee is excited to announce the long-awaited big day has finally arrived!
The book is finally finished, and they’ll be hosting its launch on Sunday, Nov. 18 at 2 p.m. at the Rosenfeld Good Neighbour Centre.
Historian, committee member and long-time Rosenfeld resident Art Wiebe says 300 copies of the book were printed and will be available for sale at the launch.
The committee has worked hard since the concept for the book began.
“It started when I opened my desk drawer in September of 1974 and found all these old photos,” Wiebe recalls.
“After I retired, I started talking to different people in the coffee shop for stories and resources. By 2011, many of my resources were gone, so I went to social media and started asking for photos and stories.”
Soon, a committee was formed, bringing many talents to the table, including Wiebe and Glen Friesen as archivists, editors Lois Braun and Elizabeth Falk, and Carol Schroeder as treasurer.
“We were overwhelmed with the response, especially on Facebook. People think now that the book is complete, that this is the end of the story of Rosenfeld, but really, this is just the beginning.”
Braun remembers calling Wiebe a few years ago, when he was still searching for committee members.
“I remember Art telling me they were still waiting for the funding. And I told him you don’t wait for the funding. You just do the project and the funding will come.”
She said when she saw the wealth of material that the committee had already collected, she realized the book didn’t have to be “written” per se.
“People had already done a lot of the writing. Most of the story-telling was already done. So now, it was more about compiling and organizing all the information and continuing to gather more.”
Contacting families and publicizing the project also resulted in great responses from current residents, and families of former Rosenfelders.
Now, beautifully-bound and ready to read, Braun and Wiebe are proud of the result.
The book is divided into chapters, some including early family stories from as far back as 1875 and as late as 1975.
It is also filled with history about the town’s early beginnings, along with countless photos, anecdotes, a chapter on churches and schools, and colourful characters and characteristics of the community.
The committee is excited to see people’s response to the book. “I think they’ll be very pleased with what they see,” Wiebe says.
Among the festivities at the book launch, the committee will be auctioning off a few specially-boxed numbered editions of the Rosenfeld history book.
For example; if you are the highest bidder at $500 for a numbered Rosenfeld history book, you would get a receipt for your donation of $450 ($500 less price of the book). Note the cheque would need to be made out to the Rosenfeld Good Neighbour Centre detailed as History Book Purchase/Donation.
Visitors to the launch can pick up their pre-ordered copies, or purchase a book for $50.
Come on out and mingle with the Rosenfelders, skim through the pages and take a walk down memory lane.
For more information, call 204-324-6534.