PPC candidate Aaron Archer hosts open house

People's Party of Canada Portage-Lisgar candidate Aaron Archer. (GREG VANDERMEULEN/Winkler Times)

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The People’s Party of Canada (PPC) candidate was in Winkler for an open house, Sept. 14 to introduce himself to Portage-Lisgar residents.

PPCLI Army Veteran and Alberta resident Aaron Archer is running for the PPC in this area. He spent nine months in Afghanistan from 2009-2011 as part of the Provincial Reconstruction Team. He currently operates a design and drafting business that began as a welding business.

Archer said only six to eight months ago he was like a lot of Canadians, wondering who he would vote for and who represented him. “The outlook wasn’t looking very good,” he admitted.

After meeting PPC leader Maxime Bernier at a Calgary Stampede Breakfast, Archer said he was won over.

“He was humble, he was very well spoken, he was honest and those are all qualities I look for in people,” he said.

The platform also attracted his attention.

“What he was saying was very contradictory to what the media narrative is right now, a lot of topics he’s willing to talk about aren’t being talked about in any party, in any form.”

Archer began looking for a riding he could run in, but Alberta ridings already had candidates. It didn’t take long before Portage-Lisgar was on his radar.

“I have family there, I was stationed at Shilo, which is just outside the region but (with) still very much the same kind of problems and good things happening,” he said.

Archer said as a supporter of the PPC, he wanted all voters to have the option.

“If you don’t have someone to vote for in the PPC in the riding you don’t have that representation and I want the PPC to be elected in some form, whether it’s a majority, whether it’s a minority or whether we have a contingent vote, or the sway vote,” he said. “Either way we need more representation for the ideas that are being talked about.”

Another pivotal moment for Archer was in February, when veteran Brock Blaszczyk questioned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at an Edmonton town hall event.

“He had asked just what the Trudeau government was willing to do for veterans and Trudeau said they were asking for more than he was, or his government was willing to give, at the same time providing money in the tens of millions to a convicted terrorist,” he said. “It inspired me in a lot of ways to be the voice of what seems a lost generation of Canadians or a lost ideal.”

Issues like illegal border crossings and funding for other nations must be examined according to Archer.

“It does matter when we’re not checking the people that are coming into our country, and if that’s the case, there’s going to be a change in years, just giving the number of people that are crossing the border, that our values will be challenged in the next 10 to 20 years,” he said. “I think we need to concentrate on who those people are that we allow to be Canadians and enjoy this beautiful country the way we all enjoy it.”

Archer said MPs should be able to debate the right to choose and the right for life.

“These need to be talked about. None of the other parties are willing,” he said. “Do I have an answer to that? No. But we still need to talk about it.”

Archer said the middle class needs to be incentivized to have children, through support for families, education and other resources. “All those things help for the middle class to actually feel stable enough to have children.”

Archer admits getting the word out about the PPC is hard, and part of the blame he directs at mainstream media.

“There’s so much interest,” he said. “It’s that nobody knows about us, so our problem is getting the voice out there because we’re being narrated out of the conversation by the mainstream press.”

He said it’s a problem that so many older people, (baby boomers and older) still rely on the big networks for news.

“There’s nothing wrong with that other than that news is very biased, and it’s been biased ever since I got back from Afghanistan, for about 10 years,” he said.

That’s why Archer said they’ll be using social media and door knocking to reach out to Portage-Lisgar.

Archer said the bottom line of the party is to keep the country strong and free.

“Whatever we can do as a party to bring the spotlight back onto Canada and start fixing our problems so that when we look to the rest of the world to solve theirs, that we don’t look like hypocrites,” he said.

Portage-Lisgar candidates

As of press time there are six candidates running in Portage-Lisgar. They include: Candice Bergen – Conservative, Ken Werbiski – Liberal,  Cindy Friesen – NDP, Jerome Dondo – CHP (Christian Heritage Party),  Aaron Archer – PPC (People’s Party of Canada), and Beverley Eert – Green.

The election will take place Oct. 21.

People’s Party of Canada Portage-Lisgar candidate Aaron Archer (second from left) with supporters at a Sept. 14 open house in Winkler. (GREG VANDERMEULEN/Winkler Times)