Library upgrades add beauty and efficiency

Altona Library staff members say the new desk and cabinetry have made a world of difference in their day to day duties. The new layout has added a level of efficiency and work space they didn't have with the previous 20 year old unit. Supplied Photo

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Visitors to the Altona Library will notice a whole new look when they stop in to pick up their favourite reading material.
The facility received a few upgrades in June, including a new front desk, cabinetry and flooring.
Altona Branch Librarian Rachael Friesen says she can’t say enough about what an amazing difference the upgrades have made for the staff and for their patrons. “Patrons will come in and see this beautiful, fresh now look. The result is just gorgeous and professional. Then, they’ll notice that there’s much more space around the desk for us to serve them.”
The Altona Library serves 3,011 members in Altona and 2,887 in the Municipality of Rhineland. “In the month of May alone, we had over 6,000 items go out, so a lot of people come and go and it’s important to serve them efficiently.”
And for the staff, Friesen says the difference is like day and night. “It’s unbelievable, how much better it is now,” she says. “The old desk was 20 years old and was literally falling apart. We had no storage and only three drawers. Our work stations were side by side and cramped. Now we have all the storage we need. No more stacking things on the counters and floors. Everything has a place and it all fits.”
Friesen says the design of the desk allows more visibility when patrons arrive, more personal work space, and much more efficiency because now both sides of the desk are open. “We even have a custom built drawer for CDs and playaways. We can find everything immediately, and it’s right where it’s supposed to be.”
Friesen says the support for the upgrades has been just amazing.
“And we chose Nathan at NFK Cabinetry because he was able to organize all the different trades to get the job done. Jake Unrau did such a great job on the new floor, and Angela Loeppky’s choice of colours is just right. We’re so grateful to everyone involved in this project. We couldn’t be happier with how all of this turned out.”
The Altona Library held a grand re-opening event on July 19.