Great Plains will make you feel right at home

Great Plains - Saskia and Darnel will be performing at the Altona United Church on April 7.

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The Altona United Church would like to invite everyone to a night of fabulous Canadian music, filled with Celtic, Bluegrass, Folk, Country and Gospel flavours.
Vancouver duo, Great Plains – Saskia and Darrel will take the stage at the church this Thursday, and you don’t want to miss this great performance!
The Great Plains, Saskia and Darrel are a couple of touring musical veterans.
They have racked up a couple of decades, a couple of thousand concerts and a couple of million kilometers on the highways and byways of North America and Europe.
All the countless nights playing shows in all sorts of venues are the apprenticeships such folk go through to become professional entertainers.
Along the way many musicians drop out. The long and ever dangerous road, separation from family and home coupled with endless competition weeds them out by the hundreds.
Those that tough it out and manage to stay afloat through the years and the scars are the ones to watch for.
They are the journeymen cabinet-makers of the music world and their product uses the best material made with loving attention to detail.
Saskia and Darrel have worked all of their adult lives as musical entertainers so the stage is as familiar to them as your living room is to you.
In fact, one common review people give is that these two make a crowd feel like they’re right at home sitting around the fireplace swapping stories and making new friends.
While there is something to be said for the bright young talent springing off the stage at American Idol, there’s also a lot to be said for experienced veterans and here’s a fine pair of them.
They toured extensively with Gary Fjellgaard for years and were able to add Valdy to the mix from time to time.
Notables like Daniel Powter, Darby Mills, Steve Dawson, Valdy, Gary Fjellgaard, Trent Freeman, Ken Hamm, Bill Hicks (Powder Blues), Nolan Murray (Tiller’s Folly) have guested on their recordings.
They were awarded Folk, Roots Album in Holland, Artist, Album, and Songwriter of the year nominations, received Top 5 People’s choice awards, and have enjoyed many years airplay on the Top Indie folk, roots charts in Canada, the US and Europe.
The Great Plains, Saskia and Darrel will be performing on Thursday, April 4 at 7 p.m. at the Altona United Church.
Tickets are $15 and are available at the church.
For more info, please call the Altona United Church at 204-324-6741 or Mary Dyck at 204-324-4178.
You can also email: or
To learn more about this amazing duo, go to