Candidates finalized for municipal election

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The names of the candidates running in Manitoba’s general municipal election on October 24 are in.
Town of Altona
The town of Altona will have a new mayor in place after the October 24 civic vote.
Al Friesen has been elected by acclamation. He was the only candidate to declare his candidacy for the position. There will be an election for town council with 10 people running for one of six seats.
Incumbents Terry Wiebe, Glen Robinson and Donna Rosling Wolters are running for re-election. The challengers include Ernie Buhler, John H. Falk, Theresa Figurski, Curt Letkeman, Joel Pankewich, Harv Schroeder and Jordan Siemens.
Rhineland Municipality
Don Wiebe will lead council for another term as reeve after being elected by acclamation.
There will be an election in Ward 1 of Rhineland Municipality. Larry Fehr will challenge incumbent councillors Brad Braun and Mark Ratzlaff for one of two seats.
In Ward 2, incumbent Archie Heinrichs and newcomer June Letkeman were elected by acclamation.
Incumbents John Dueck and Jake Heppner were returned to council in Ward 3 by acclamation.
Town of Morris
In the town of Morris, Scott Crick and David Smith are challenging the incumbent mayor Gavin Van Der Linde.
There are 15 candidates running for one of six council seats in this election. They include incumbent councillors William Ginter, Kevin Clace, Tim Lewis, Trevor Thiessen and Ruth Murray. The challengers include Mel Baxter, Reba Krahn, Matthew Schulz, Margaret Johnston, Wesley Zilkie, Carla Krawetz, Chris Hamblin, Pro Lagos, Barry Krueger, and Doug Penner.
RM of Morris
Ralph Groening will return as Reeve for the RM of Morris after being elected by acclamation.
There are 7 candidates running for the six available council seats.
They include incumbents Barry Fraese, Denis Robert, Rick Giesbrecht, Mervin Dueck and Stan Siemens.
The challengers are Scott Siemens and Shane Kroeker.
Emerson-Franklin Municipality
Three people are running for reeve in the Municipality of Emerson-Franklin.
They include Ron Mihaychuk, Elaine Holodryga and David Carlson.
There will be elections in five wards.
Florence Beaudry, Todd Nichols, Dennis Rodewald are vying for a seat in Ward 1.
Running for the seat in Ward 2 are Nathan Penner, JP Peeters and Brian Grier.
Kirke Calderwood is up against Orest Kuryk in Ward 3.
In Ward 4, Tony Dujlovic is taking on incumbent councillor Archie Hunter
And incumbents Brenda Lange and Doug Johnston and challenger Larry Propp are vying for one of two seats in Ward 6.
Dennis Weiss was elected by acclamation in Ward 5.
RM of Montcalm
There will be an election for reeve in the RM of Montcalm. Paul Gilmore and Debbie Fortier are vying for the top job.
Meanwhile, there will be an election for councillor in Ward 2 where incumbent Emile Remillard is being challenged by Jacques Brais, Luke Chouinard and Jean Barnabe.
Elected to council by acclamation are Paul Sabourin, Harold Janzen and Louis Duval.
LUD of Gretna
Newcomers Danny Dyck, Jeffrey Dyck and Delores Smith are challenging incumbents Kerry W.M. Enns and John Wall for one of three positions as committee members.
LUD of Plum Coulee
Elected to the committee by acclamation are incumbents Brian Derksen and Justina Hamm, and newcomer Kyle Wiebe.
LUD of Rosenfeld
One seat still remains vacant on the committee, as Trevor Janz and Laurie Schroeder take their acclaimed seats.
Border Land School Division
Incumbent Jolene Bunn will challenge newcomers Tracey Van Osch and Tina Kolano for the position of trustee for Ward 1.
In Ward 2, incumbent Robert Pitura was elected by acclamation. Also keeping their seats are incumbents Gail Sutherland (Ward 3) and Jake Fehr (Ward 6). Newcomers Albert Klassen (Ward 4) and Mark Krahn (Ward 5) were elected by acclamation.
Incumbents Craig Smiley, Patricia Wiebe and Steven Wiebe and challenger Lyle Dunsmore will be vying for one of three seats in Ward 7.
Red River Valley School Division
Six positions on the board were filled by acclamation: Alicia Lazaradis (Ward 1), Jacqueline Wolfe (Ward 2), Kathryn Penner (Ward 3), Fred Kelesnik (Ward 4, Maureen Sicotte (Ward 6) and Charlene Gieler (Ward 7).
Vying for the seat for Ward 5 are Heather Poirier and Shelley Syrota.