Music Notes: Enjoy CRABSTYLE without having to go to the ocean

It feels like the summer is almost upon us, but don't forget about the concerts rolling through Saskatoon during this pleasant weather.

One Bad Son will play a concert with a number of friends at the Capitol Music Club on April 26, 2019. Supplied / Photo courtesy of Kurt Dahl / Saskatoon

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It seems like just yesterday we were talking about how cold it was outside, but it’s practically felt like summer over the past week.

Unfortunately, some fires have really put a damper on the good feel that the weather has brought — at least for me. It’s also the time of year when university students are wrapping up but the high school students and everyone younger are still in class for a couple more months — so summer has kind of started for a chunk of the population.

Enjoy this nice if somewhat dry weather, and take in the tunes in the evening. You don’t have to scurry to your vehicles bundled up in winter clothes after late-night concerts anymore.

Eileen Laverty

When: Saturday, April 27

Where: The Bassment

What: We’ve talked about Laverty before here, and I am pleased to see her on a Saskatoon stage again. The Bassment is also a great venue for Laverty — much more suited to the heartfelt and thoughtful style that is a staple of her music. It’s her first show on stage in some time after working on some other projects (Blow Wind at Dancing Sky Theatre was particularly interesting), and it’s a joy to have her back. As an English teacher, it makes a lot of sense that Laverty is taking advantage of the Easter break to hop back into performing.


When: Saturday, April 27

Where: Amigos Cantina

What: There’s room for more local hip-hop music in Saskatoon, so seeing a local hip-hop team with a first album release party scheduled most certainly gets me interested. Also, a name like CRABSTYLE in a city like Saskatoon — multiple thousands of kilometres away from where actual crabs might live — gives me a chuckle.

Musically speaking, CRABSTYLE has an old-fashioned hip-hop/rap vibe. The beats and the raps that have been released ahead of their upcoming album have kind of that older, steadier feel that brings together the five-piece team at an equal level. CRABSTYLE is slick and refreshing — and worth a listen.

One Bad Son and Friends

When: Friday, April 26

Where: Capitol Music Club

What: One Bad Son, League of Wolves, The Classy Chassys, The Gaff, The Longwalker Drummers — not a half-bad lineup. And by not half-bad, I mean absolutely top-tier.

One Bad Son is synonymous with Saskatoon rock ‘n ‘roll, a great local band whose performances are the stuff of Saskatoon music legend. And let’s not forget all of the friends they’ve invited: League of Wolves and The Classy Chassys are both awesome Saskatoon rock groups, and the rest of the planned performances certainly aren’t slouches.

One of the coolest parts of this whole show is that it’s in support of the Sanctum Care Group’s annual Sanctum Survivor Challenge fundraiser — and One Bad Son drummer Kurt Dahl is participating this year.