Bright future and bright smiles ahead, thanks to new addition to Altona Dental Centre

With the addition of Dr. Bo, Altona Dental is expanding its services even further, adding sedation dentistry Supplied

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When Dr. Kyee Bo graduated from Midwestern University in Arizona—one of the most technologically advanced dental schools in North America—he knew where he wanted to work.

“I’ve always wanted to serve a rural community,” says Dr. Bo. “I’m from Northern Ontario, and I like the culture of small towns. When you practice medicine in a small town, you really become part of the fabric of the community.

“Altona seems like a perfect fit.”

Last year Dr. Bo, who previously practised in Thunder Bay, Ont., joined the Altona Dental Centre. The clinic has deep roots in the town. It opened in the ‘60s after a fundraising campaign conducted by locals who didn’t want to leave town to have their teeth cleaned. It’s still the only full-time clinic in town.

Altona Dental Centre offers a robust range of dental services, from routine cleaning to root canals, along with remarkably short wait times. Dr. Bo lives and works in Altona full-time, and patients are usually seen less than 24 hours after calling.

With the addition of Dr. Bo, Altona Dental is expanding its services even further. Dr. Bo is qualified to apply braces and to operate a smartgate dental vibrating device that overwhelms nerves in the gums and makes injecting anaesthetic at the start of treatment more comfortable for the patient.

The clinic also now offers “conscious sedation” to patients who find going to the dentist especially stressful.

This is achieved through the expert administration of nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas.

“It’s actually the oldest anesthetic ever used, and it’s also the safest—safer than local,” says Dr. Bo.

The gas leaves patients relaxed and reduces any pain they might feel—but its effect on the body is not so strong that patients need to take hours or days to recover after its use. You can even drive yourself home after conscious sedation.

Dr. Bo is certified to administer the gas professionally, but he can also relate on a personal level.

“I was a patient long before I was a dentist,” he says. “I know how they feel, and I want to make them feel better. That’s why I learned to use nitrous.”

Dr. Bo also offers Six Month Smiles, a braces treatment that straightens teeth in six months, on average.

Altona Dental expresses Bo’s desire to make patients feel comfortable in other ways too. Between Dr. Bo and his friendly, helpful staff, the clinic offers service in English, Tagalog, Low German and French.

And, perhaps best of all, local patients never need to worry about driving on icy highways to for dental care. Cutting edge dental care is available from friendly fellow Altonians, right in town.

Altona Dental Centre can be found at 238 5th Ave NE, beside Altona Community Memorial Health Centre. For more information, visit

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